Enhancing participatory citizenship for all: The importance of community learning centres

22 June 2022

Rosie, 33, is a teacher at the Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre. It was founded 18 years ago by her father, who fled Myanmar in 1996. When he came to Thailand, he saw that many migrant students, refuges and poor Thai children had bleak prospects. Women had to choose between finding a rich husband or going into prostitution. For men, their only options were working as labourers or selling drugs The Ban Nai Soi Community Learning Centre was born to give these people better prospects.

Initially, Rosie was reluctant to follow in her father’s footsteps and become an adult educator. She saw firsthand how much time and patience it took to teach adult learners. But, in 2007, her father had a motorcycle accident which left him unable to work. Rosie and her mother vowed to continue his work. At the age of 17, she took on the role of adult educator at the centre her father had established. Once nurturing dreams to work abroad, Rosie stayed put to continue her father’s vision.

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