First technical workshop on the second phase of RAMAA

5 Noviembre 2014

UIL and the UNESCO office in Dakar have held the first technical workshop for phase II of the RAMAA project, which aims to develop qualitative methods and tools to evaluate adult literacy learning in different cultural and social contexts in order to improve the quality of programmes.

This meeting, which took place in Hamburg from 13 to 15 October, included representatives of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Statistics Canada, as well as researchers from the universities of Hamburg, Paris and Montreal. Its purpose was to review the conceptual, methodological and institutional framework, and to carry out a critical analysis of the results of the first phase of the project in order to prepare the framework for the second phase in 2015.

The workshop’s recommendations will be incorporated into a report to be shared at the sixth international RAMAA workshop. This will involve the countries that participated in the first phase, as well as other potential countries and experts in this field.

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