Asia-Africa Inter-Regional Seminar on SDG 4: Youth and adult literacy in the framework of lifelong learning for all

Moyog Family Literacy Project
Moyog Family Literacy Project
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  • Date: 11 September 2019 to 13 September 2019
  • Where: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

What is the objective?

This seminar will provide national literacy experts from two regions, Asia and Africa, with a platform to share their experiences and discuss innovative strategies for the achievement of the global commitment on literacy for youth and adults.

What is it about?

UNESCO is inviting around 30 senior government representatives responsible for youth and adult literacy education at national level from Asia and Africa to discuss and exchange experiences on the following questions:

  • What are the critical issues to be addressed in these two regions in achieving literacy for all by 2030?
  • How are national governments and other stakeholders addressing them? What are some of the innovative and promising practices in the regions?
  • How can we work together among countries and across our regions?

This seminar is co-organized by the Malaysian Ministry of Education and UNESCO in the framework of the Malaysia-UNESCO Cooperation Programme, with financial support from the Government of Malaysia. The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Regional Bureau for Education (Bangkok), UNESCO Dakar and field offices in Asia and Africa, together with the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, are planning this seminar.

What are the expected Outcomes?

Innovative initiatives and practices in youth and adult literacy education will be shared among participants and documented through regional papers. Furthermore, collaborative activities for the Global Alliance for Literacy within the Framework of Lifelong Learning (GAL) and other partnerships are expected to be discussed by participating countries, with a focus on overcoming literacy challenges in these two regions.

More information: https://bangkok.unesco.org/content/asia-africa-inter-regional-seminar-sdg4-education-2030-youth-and-adult-literacy-lifelong

Email contact: uil-lbs@unesco.org

  • Language of event: English, French

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