Expert meeting: ‘Lifelong learning and the future of skills – What impact at local level?’

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  • 21 to 23 January 2020

From 21 to 23 January 2020, the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization, the European Training Foundation and the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning will host an international knowledge-sharing forum to promote high-level reflection about the future of skills and lifelong learning. The event provides an opportunity for experts, policy-makers and practitioners to reflect on the changing world of work and life and the role of lifelong learning in addressing current challenges.

Participants will seek to develop solutions in the context of mega-trends and translate them operationally by working on concrete challenges facing the UNESCO learning city of Turin, Italy. The event will bring together experts from the skills development space, ranging from high-level public actors in charge of policy-making and shaping, funding and regulation to local lifelong learning-focused authorities, from social-partner representatives to civil society and academic experts, from employers to youth leaders. An ‘Experts’ Hackathon’ will seek to find global solutions for the changing cities landscape.

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About the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

Learning cities are key drivers to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They promote good policy and practice, and foster sustainable development at various levels, notably through lifelong learning. The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, coordinated by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning, supports and improves the practice of lifelong learning in member cities by promoting policy dialogue and peer learning, documenting effective strategies and good practice, fostering partnerships, providing capacity development, and developing tools and instruments to design, implement and monitor learning cities strategies.

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  • Language of event: English