UIL Launches New Database on Effective Practice in Literacy and Numeracy Worldwide

25 mars 2009

Recognising that knowledge exchange is a crucial means of promoting literacy and numeracy efforts,
the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) has established a database
( that provides examples of effective literacy and numeracy programmes worldwide. This new Effective Practices Database supports the role of UNESCO – and in particular UIL – as a clearinghouse in the field of adult literacy and numeracy. It will contribute towards the
achievement of the goals set down in the EFA, UNLD and LIFE initiatives by responding to the demands of UNESCO Member States for innovative and state-of-the-art evidence that inform and help to improve their literacy policies, strategies and practices.

The main objectives of the new database are:

  • to facilitate access to information on adult literacy and numeracy programmes for a broad
  • public, including policy-makers, researchers and practitioners;
  • to share experiences and to gain a global overview of available programmes;
  • to identify current trends, challenges and innovative approaches; and
  • to encourage synergies, partnerships, networking and cooperation.

Stakeholders from countries around the world have been asked to share information on their ongoing literacy and numeracy programmes, particularly with regard to innovative features and lessons learned. The information on effective programmes is being carefully compiled, edited and translated
(into English/French) by UIL. Where available, links to contact persons and additional information are provided.

Additional programme descriptions are being added to the database on an ongoing basis. UIL therefore welcomes further contributions on innovative and effective approaches to literacy and NFE, which can be sent to the e-mail address below.