Revamp of ALADIN

24 April 2018

The UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) has just revamped its global Adult Learning Documentation and Information Network (ALADIN) web platform. Since 1997, this cooperative initiative has facilitated networking, information sharing and capacity-building between libraries, documentation centres and information services in the area of adult learning.

The network now comprises more than 100 members (check full profiles) in around 50 countries in all regions of the world. The ALADIN web platform provides links to other adult learning repositories to enable information on relevant topics to be shared (over 200 adult learning links as of today).

Another great achievement of the ALADIN network is a toolkit that assists adult learning organizations and community-based groups in organising their information resources (called ALADIN Toolkit).

For regular updates, readers may subscribe to the bimonthly ALADIN newsletter (called ALADIN Online Alert), which profiles the latest open access publications in the areas of adult learning, adult literacy, lifelong learning, and technical and vocational education and training.

All of the network’s efforts are directed towards facilitating informed policy-making, research and programme development by improving global access to information and documentation on adult learning and serving as an information broker between researchers, practitioners and policy-makers.

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