Hangzhou as a learning city

  • When:
    15 November 2016
  • Who: Mr Hongming Zhang, Mayor of the Municipal Government of Hangzhou

Mr Hongming Zhang, Mayor of the Municipal Government of Hangzhou, talks about actions and achievements in building a learning city in Hangzhou, China.

Hangzhou is a historic city with a strong cultural tradition of learning. By developing a learning city, we hope to contribute to Hangzhou’s overall development, and become a driving force in achieving sustainable development. Over the years, thanks to the constant efforts of the entire city, we have secured the following achievements:

First, we have built an all-around lifelong learning education system. The result is that ‘anyone can learn at anytime and anywhere’. This has become the ‘new normal’.

Second, we have built an education service platform that is accessible to all citizens in both urban and rural areas. In Hangzhou, we have libraries, museums, theatres and cinemas in the city, as well as many ‘cultural halls’ in the rural suburbs. The ‘15-minute Cultural Circle’ concept we have developed means that anyone can reach a learning site within a 15-minute walk. This kind of infrastructure is what makes our ambition to allow anyone to learn, anytime and anywhere, possible.

Third, we have developed many content-rich, inclusive learning activities using various approaches. For example, we have festivals, including the West Lake Reading Festival. We also have forums and workshops, as well as extracurricular learning activities.

Fourth, we have founded multi-sector and multi-use learning organizations. Wherever people live or work, whether in a community or workplace, they all have the obligation to establish local learning organizations, in order to give all working staff and community residents the chance to learn.

The fifth achievement is the comprehensive, effective and policy-ensured system we have constructed. With regard to educational reform, cultural prosperity and moral enhancement, we have issued about 200 policies to support these efforts. Last but not least, we also feel a sense of accomplishment in the knowledge that our learning city enjoys wide-ranging benefits from our efforts. The learning city development has stimulated Hangzhou’s innovative atmosphere and environment, promoted healthily sustained economic development, boosted green cultural heritage protection, and facilitated the construction of an ‘ecological civilization’. Overall, these six areas represent what we have achieved in developing Hangzhou into a learning city.