Swansea Bay City Region strives to become a learning city

13 June 2014

Swansea University hosted a Symposium on Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions on Wednesday 21 May 2014, as part of the Wales Festival of Entrepreneurship. Around 45 participants from the Swansea Learning City initiative and others engaged in developing entrepreneurship discussed how to make Swansea Bay City Region a model region to nurture, attract and retain entrepreneurial individuals. The symposium aimed to help foster a culture of lifelong learning in the region. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Hilary Lappin-Scott lent her full support to this process by launching the Key Features of Learning Cities.

Raúl Valdés-Cotera, head of the UIL team coordinating the Global Network of Learning Cities, presented the Key Features of Learning Cities in relation to foundational, transferable, technical, and vocational skills, and the contexts in which they may be acquired.

The presentations made at this symposium will form the basis of a book which is scheduled for publication in spring 2015.