UNESCO’s third International Conference on Learning Cities


Day 1

Introduction: Irina Bokova

Plenary Session 1

  1. Paulius Kulikauskas presents How Lifelong Learning Supports the Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals at Local Level.
  2. Sara Hoeflich de Duque on the UCLG’s learning agenda.
  3. Raúl Valdés‐Cotera presents Learning Cities for Sustainable Development.
  4. Federico Gutierrez, Mayor of Medellín, Columbia, presents the city’s plans to implement the Education 2030 agenda.

Plenary Session 2

  1. Cork partners on the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships for implementing Cork’s learning city initiative.
  2. Martín Gill presents Lifelong Learning as an Integrating Tool of Government Action for the Sustainable Future of Villa María.
  3. Tae-Young Yeom presents Integrated Governance and Partnership with Citizen for Sustainable Future of Suwon.
  4. Robert J. Didham presents Collaborative Governance and Quality Learning for Sustainability.
Day 2

Plenary Session 3

  1. Luis Liberman on Successful Ways of Implementing and Measuring the Impact of Local Actions for Sustainable Development.
  2. Carsten Lund presents Connecting UNESCO Learning Cities Key Features to the UN’s SDGs.
  3. Claire Hiscott presents Bristol Learning City: Towards a Sustainable City.
  4. Zhinan Gong presents The Development of Learning City in Hangzhou.

Thematic Forum 1

  1. Martina Eick presents Local Sustainability – A Permanent Process of Learning and Encouraging.
  2. Kirsty Robinson presents Enhancing Urban Nature through a Global Network of Local and Subnational Governments.
  3. José Siri presents How Can Systems Thinking Help Learning Cities Overcome Health Challenges?

In Action Theme 1

  1. Annette Berg presents Gelsenkirchen – Learning City.
  2. Pé Mamadi Bamy presents The Experiences of the City of N'Zerekore.
  3. Zsolt Páva presents Learning City Developments in the City of Pécs, Hungary.
  4. Juzhong Ge presents Build a Sustainable Learning City: Create A-Class Harmonious and Liveable Capital – the Case of Beijing.
  5. Sang Wook Kwak presents From Resident to Citizen: Create Osan into a Healthy and Green Learning City with System and People.
  6. Shojiro Sasaki presents Learning Cities become Green and Healthy –The Case of Okayama City.

Thematic Forum 2

  1. Leone Wheeler presents How Cities Can Build Equal Access to Opportunities for all Citizens.
  2. Liliosa Azara and Paolo Di Rienzo present Environmental, Urban and Individual Regeneration in Former Mining Landscapes of the Sulcis-Iglesiente Area: The Role of Geo-minerary Park in Fostering a Learning City.

In Action Theme II

  1. Pedro Coelho on Learning Cities for Equity and Inclusion.
  2. Apostolos Kalogiannis and Dimitrios Deligiannis present Building a Learning City: The case of Larissa.
  3. Manal Aboughatas presents Giza Governorate Development of Education, Giza Learning City toward 2030.
  4. Hatem Ben Kedim presents Learning City Implementation in Tunis.
  5. Philippe Bohelay presents Aux marches de la ville apprenante.

Thematic Forum 3

  1. Judith James presents Introducing the Book: Entrepreneurial Learning City Regions.
  2. Sophia Bekele on Promoting Learning towards Employment and Entrepreneurship.

In Action Theme 3

  1. Alexis Ferreira de Freitas on Learning Cities towards Employment and Entrepreneurship.
  2. Syntimir Baiazitov presents Lifelong Learning Development and UNESCO Projects Implementation in Ufa, Russia, in Terms of Sustainable City.
  3. Tri Rismaharini presents Surabaya Learning City.
  4. Javier Caballero Gaona presents Learning City Activities in Santiago, Mexico.
  5. Josephine Cotter-Coughlan presents Learning Limerick.

Forum on governance and partnerships

  1. Tat Suan Koh presents Promoting a Sustainable Learning Culture in Singapore.
  2. Kilemi Mwiria presents Learning Cities, Governance and Partnerships for the Attainment of SDGs in sub-Saharan Africa: The Potential and the Challenge.
  3. Sian Rees and Rebecca Phillips on Learning Cities Promote Governance and Partnerships.

Forum: Mobility and exchange between cities and countries towards peace, tolerance and inclusion

  1. Gerry O’Sullivan presents Erasmus+ Programme from 1987 to 2017.
  2. Fionnuala Broughan on Mobility and Exchange between Cities and Countries towards Peace, Tolerance and Inclusion: Erasmus+ – A European Case Study over 30 Years.