UIL publishes ‘Snapshots of learning cities’ responses to COVID-19’

22 July 2021

Between March and June 2020, UIL hosted a series of webinars to explore how learning cities gauged the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in individual contexts, and how they were responding to the sudden, emergent and urgent challenges it posed. In this publication, we present 13 responses by learning cities to this unfolding global issue across five themes: city planning; continuation of education; culture; equity and inclusion; and public health. These snapshots span the world regions of Africa (Cameroon), Asia and the Pacific (China, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Korea), Europe and North America (Finland, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) and Latin America and the Caribbean (Brazil, Chile, Mexico).

In these reports, composed by representatives of learning cities, a number of innovative and comprehensive initiatives are described. Each ‘snapshot’ in this publication is a case study of a COVID-19 response, comprising a general overview, a look at the process involved, and a summary of outcomes and challenges.

By producing this publication, UIL hopes to make these cities’ efforts more visible and underscore the importance of continuous learning in times of crisis. Moreover, the publication further strengthens our commitment to facilitating internationally shared experiences of learning at any age and, by extension, to fostering a collective appreciation of intersectional education’s key role as an avenue through which human civilization can find its way forward.

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