Video tutorials

How to build a learning city?

Building a learning city is a collective and continuing journey. It requires a concrete action plan with strong political leadership and steadfast commitment; participation and involvement of all stakeholders; diverse celebratory events charged with enthusiasm and inspirations; easy accessibility and enjoyable experiences for all citizens; a proper monitoring and evaluation of progress; and sustainable and secure funding. You can find detailed instructions on these action tips in our Guidelines for Building Learning Cities.

Learn more from the video tutorials

Complementing the Guidelines for Building Learning Cities, the video tutorials on ‘How to build a learning city’ illustrate and elaborate on the actions to take. They further encourage the creation of thriving learning communities and provide cities with hands-on approaches to better implement miscellaneous policies and guiding documents.

The video tutorials are made to support policy-makers, stakeholders, urban planners and lifelong learning practitioners in building learning cities. They comprise one introductory video and six interesting and succinct animation clips based on the themes of planning, involvement, celebration, accessibility, funding and monitoring. and funding, monitoring and evaluation, accessibility, celebration, involvement and planning.

Each module begins with an animated conceptual video, which is further enriched by clips based on the experience of members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities. Sharing ideas between and among cities is one of the objectives of the network, which has informed this initiative.  

What is in store for your city?

The video tutorials aim to steer cities in the right direction in their efforts to build dynamic and sustainable learning cities and advance education and lifelong learning opportunities for all. By watching these tutorials, you could find out, in a nutshell, what a learning city is all about, and thus gain insight into why building a learning city is an important step towards sustainable development. In addition, you will also learn of the important elements in implementing the concept, and gain a grasp of the starting points and next steps, as well as benefitting from successful and practical real experiences from cities across the world.

This project is kindly supported by Think Visual and the Cork Learning City Lead Partners (Cork City Council, Cork Education and Training Board, Cork Institute of Technology and University College Cork).