Lifelong learning in ageing societies: Lessons from Europe

  • July 2021

The following document is part of a collection of papers that build on the UIL report Embracing a Culture of Lifelong Learning.

The paper by Jim Ogg sets out the main challenges for lifelong learning in ageing societies. The context is Europe, where there is an urgent need to increase the availability of vocational training in the workplace, particularly in relation to digitalization and new technologies. Acquiring digital skills can help older people to remain active in the workforce longer and maintain a healthy lifestyle and lessens the risk of social isolation. After retirement, lifelong learning has a central role in promoting well-being and quality of life. The paper concludes that there is growing need to promote lifelong learning in local and community settings and for all age groups.

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  • Author/Editor: Ogg, Jim
  • Lifelong learning in ageing societies: Lessons from Europe
  • UNESCO - 2021
  • Available in: English