Assuring quality in RVA

One of the important principles of RVA is promoting quality assurance in the entire RVA process. According to the UNESCO Guidelines (2012), ‘It is imperative that criteria and procedures for assessing and validating non-formal and informal learning outcomes are relevant, reliable, fair and transparent’. Quality assurance of policies, procedures and processes is vital for gaining trust among RVA users. The RVA case studies give evidence of how Member States assure quality with regard to:

  1. the development of standards and the use of varied methods of assessment,
  2. the delivery of RVA, and
  3. through the professionalization of RVA personnel.

Activities related to assuring quality in RVA give high priority to linking RVA to agreed standards. Assessment based on learning outcomes has become an important quality issue in developing RVA systems. 

Global Observatory of Recognition, Validation and Accreditation of Non-formal and Informal Learning

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