Forms for contributing to the Global RVA Observatory

RVA country profile template

The RVA country profile is a one- to two-page overview of RVA in your country. We would ask you to address the following questions in your profile:

  1. What challenges does RVA address and what opportunities does it present in your country?
  2. What developments have taken place in terms of national standards, policies and qualifications frameworks?
  3. What are the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in developing RVA systems?

RVA case study template

RVA case studies provide practical examples of how RVA is implemented in your country. We would ask that your case study follows the following format:

Title of your RVA case study


  1. Background (the rationale for implementing RVA)   
  2. Procedures, processes and quality assurance:
    1. What are the various stages in the RVA procedures and processes?
    2. What are the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders?
  3. Outcomes and ways forward

Please provide your name and contact details, relevant resources (i.e. tools and instruments developed) and references.

For the required referencing format, please see the RVA country profiles and RVA case studies already published online.

Please send your RVA country profiles and case studies to uil-rva@unesco.org.

Thank you for your contribution!