Linking RVA practices to national qualifications frameworks (NQFs)

The 2010 international Hamburg conference entitled ‘Linking Recognition Practices to Qualifications Frameworks: North-South Collaborative Research’, set up a process of policy dialogue between countries from South and North to share and exchange good practice on linking recognition practices to national qualifications frameworks. "Linking Recognition Practices to Qualifications Frameworks" shows the diverse ways in which Member States use their NQFs to support RVA and the ways in which national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) can open up to non-formal and informal learning and include RVA in the attainment of qualifications.

Related activities

The Global Inventory of Regional and National Qualifications Frameworks Volume II: National and Regional Cases serves as an observatory of progress made in the area of national qualifications frameworks (NQFs). The national cases covered in this edition illustrate qualifications developments with regard to key policy objectives, stakeholder involvement, frameworks adopted for implementation, learning outcomes and the use of level descriptors. They also consider the ways in which the validation of non-formal and informal learning is carried out, and how this relates to NQFs.