The science of lifelong learning

  • July 2021

The following document is part of a collection of papers that build on the UIL report Embracing a Culture of Lifelong Learning.

By maximizing human potential, lifelong learning holds the key to sustainability and to address the needs of the future argue Alicia M. Goodwill and Annabel Chen Shen-Hsing. Moreover, the science of lifelong learning, which has its foundations in brain development, degeneration and plasticity, provides the framework to view learning as an ongoing pursuit. Translating the science of lifelong learning for the masses is instrumental in promoting participatory knowledge production and sharing. This paper provides an overview of the current state of the science of lifelong learning, showcases ongoing research, and posits the implications of lifelong learning on the futures of education, economy, health and well-being.

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  • Author/Editor: Goodwill, Alicia M.; Chen, Shen-Hsing Annabel
  • The science of lifelong learning
  • UNESCO - 2021
  • Available in: English