CONFINTEA Scholarships

17 July 2012

Mr Wahidi Mohammedi Gul

(Literacy Consultant, UNESCO Kabul, Afghanistan, Scholar in July 2012)

Mr Mohammed Gul Wahidi (centre) from Afghanistan received technical support from UIL’s Literacy and Basic Skills Programme to develop key elements of a draft literacy curriculum framework for the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan. He was accompanied by Mr Taj Ali Sabir, Director of the Curriculum Unit of the Department of Literacy in the Afghan Ministry of Education. They presented the results of their scholarship, the Afghan Literacy Curriculum Wheel and the proposed Adult Basic Education Program (ABEP), at several meetings with key education stakeholders in the Literacy Department and the Curriculum Development Department of the Afghan Ministry of Education. This provided the starting point for developing a competency-based and learner-centred adult education programme for Afghanistan.