Multimedia story: The power of literacy

FILL Annah

4 October 2021

Many women from the rural villages in Kangulumira, Uganda, never learned how to read or write. They never had the opportunity to attend school past primary level 2. When money was tight, sons were sent to school and daughters worked the fields and were married off as soon as possible.

Annah is one of them. Accessing information about her community, voting, reading to her granddaughter, or writing an e-mail was impossible for Annah. At the age of 70, she decided to join forces with other grandmothers in her community Kirugu to learn how to read and write.

Pauline McLeod, Charles Muwangala and two teachers from the Sunflower School Project, who were trained on family literacy by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning and the Commonwealth of Learning, took on the challenge to help these grandmothers.

Access our multimedia story and learn how Annah discovered the power of literacy.