Now available in French: Harnessing the Potential of ICTs for Literacy

23 March 2017

In today’s digital world, information and communication technologies (ICTs) are constantly shaping the way people live, learn and develop. Used creatively, they can bring sustainable prospects for literacy and numeracy learning.

To mark Mobile Learning Week 2017, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) is publishing a French version of the second edition of its publication, Harnessing the Potential of ICTs: Literacy and Numeracy Programmes Using Radio, TV, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers. The compilation includes 26 case studies of literacy programmes that have adopted ICTs in order to provide literacy and numeracy opportunities to youth and adult learners. These programmes, all featured on the UNESCO Effective Literacy and Numeracy Practices Database, come from different regions and countries around the world. They illustrate how ICTs can be used innovatively to complement face-to-face adult literacy teaching. While the case studies showcase some of the challenges literacy programmes might face, especially in contexts where poor infrastructure is an issue, they also provide examples of creative solutions and strategies for the use of technologies in meeting the diverse learning needs of youth and adults with low levels of literacy and numeracy.

This publication is the second in the series of thematic compilations of Litbase case studies to be made available in French, in the hope that the good practice described in the database will reach and benefit a wider audience.

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