LitBase Publications


Cover Fostering a Culture of Reading and WritingPublished in 2017
Fostering a Culture of Reading and Writing: Examples of Dynamic Literate Environments
LitBase multilingualPublished in 2016
Literacy in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts: Effective Approaches to Adult Learning and Education
Learning FamiliesPublished in 2015
Learning Families: Intergenerational Approaches to Literacy Teaching and Learning
Transforming Our WorldPublished in 2015
Transforming Our World: Literacy for Sustainable Development
Harnessing the Potential of ICTsOriginally published in 2014
Harnessing the Potential of ICTs: Literacy and Numeracy Programmes Using Radio, TV, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers
Narrowing the Gender GapOriginally published in 2013
Narrowing the Gender Gap: Empowering Women through Literacy Programmes