Temas de post-alfabetización (Post-Literacy: Related Issues)

  • September 1985

Efforts to establish universal primary education started a century ago. The vast majority of the industrialized nations stipulated that all children should complete secondary education. However, for Third World countries, universal primary education remains a dream that will prove difficult to achieve. This fact, coupled with population growth, are the two main reasons why, despite increases in literacy rates, the number of illiterate people worldwide continues to grow. Although the Soviet Union launched its literacy campaign at the end of 1919, adult education only really started to receive international attention more recently, in the aftermath of the Second World War characterized by victorious battles for liberation across the Third World.

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  • Author/Editor: Bordia; Anil
  • Temas de post-alfabetización (Post-Literacy: Related Issues)
  • UIE, 1985
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  • Available in: Spanish, Arabic