UIL online course on family and intergenerational literacy and learning successfully completed


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22 July 2021

In April and May 2021, over 170 participants from more than 50 countries successfully completed the second online training course on family and intergenerational literacy and learning (FILL) organized by the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). The course supports Member States and partners in providing inclusive, equitable, and relevant education for adults and children, particularly in the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Government representatives, education experts, NGO workers, schoolteachers, researchers, professors and graduate students benefited from 11 modules providing them with practical knowledge of and skills related to FILL approaches. Areas covered included planning family learning sessions; training facilitators; and managing, monitoring and evaluating FILL programmes.

‘Prior to the FILL course, I was visualizing primary education of children and adult literacy programmes as two separate programmes with separate aims and separate operations. But this course helped me to better understand how both the programmes could be merged and offered as one programme, whose objectives would fulfil the learning needs of both children and adults. I was able to relate to the significant role of the family, irrespective of the different ages, in the learning of all members, which is the essence of inter-generational learning.’  

University lecturer from India

‘I have understood the concept of family and international learning in its broader aspects by reading different sources provided by the organizers, and the discussion forum also helps me to look at different experiences that I never encountered before.’

University lecturer from Ethiopia

The course was well received, with a high level of interaction among participants and high completion rates for course assignments. Many participants have plans to follow up on the course by initiating FILL programmes in their respective countries. Further activities will be offered to course participants to enable them to exchange and refine their experiences as FILL practitioners.

In 2021, UIL and COL will continue their collaboration by designing three new, short, self-paced open-enrolment courses on facilitator training, materials development and indigenous learning with the aim of supporting the efforts of Member States and partners in promoting and building capacity for FILL programmes.

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