UIL supports global campaign for adult learning and education


© Gunnar Salvarsson / flickr.com
23 March 2021

Adult learning and education (ALE) is fundamental to building a world of justice, well-being and social change. Yet, despite the essential role it plays in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, deep and persistent inequalities still exist in adult education while the topic remains marginalized. This is why, on 22 March 2021, civil society organizations from around the globe, with the support of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), launched the five-year campaign We are ALE!

The global ALE campaign brings together ALE advocates, activists, organizations and practitioners, including health services, workplaces, communities, universities and media, to position adult learning and education higher on the international agenda and act together for a healthy planet and a better world.

In their joint declaration, members of the campaign state: ‘We are a global alliance of major international actors in the field of adult learning and education. We believe in the fundamental importance of adult learning and education in achieving a healthy planet and a better world. By working together to promote adult learning and education as a global brand, we advocate for greater involvement and investment from governments, donors, the private sector, international organizations and social movements in adult learning and education.’

The campaign will involve advocacy, training, communication and social mobilization activities to advance adult education around the world. Regional activities developed for the ALE campaign will be promoted within the community of ALE practitioners and advocates.

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