Tafí Viejo, Argentina

  • City population: 
  • GDP – city: 
    Less than USD 10,000
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

A global leader in fruit exports

Tafí Viejo is a global leader in the export of citrus fruit and a regional cultural and eco-tourism destination that also attracts university students due to its proximity to the National University of Tucumán, the largest university in northwestern Argentina.  

Vision and Strategy

Tafí Viejo aspires to become an open-air laboratory and classroom that is a model of learning experience with and through the city, and to deepen the link between the cultural and recreational spaces. It also prioritizes sustainable development through the protection of natural spaces and the improvement of the city’s living conditions and the promotion of circular economy through formal and non-formal educational programmes.  

Policies, Plan and Implementation

Sustainability and health

  • Tafí Viejo built the Environmental and Technological Interpretation Centre (CIAT), a complex for the separation, classification and revaluation of dry urban waste to achieve an environmentally sustainable city. Residents can earn ‘green points‘ by separating waste, and the urban public transportation system, ECOBUS, runs on biodiesel made from vegetable oil recycled at CIAT. 

Equity and inclusion

  • Tafí Viejo promotes the labour insertion of people with disabilities through specific programmes. It also has active policies to guarantee its population access to the right to education from preschool to higher education. For disadvantaged groups, targeted and personalized school support programmes are also available. 

Decent work and entrepreneurship

  • The city created the Municipal Ecoproductive Complex, offering educational projects, job training and vocational training on eco-friendly economic activities. The municipality promotes programming and computer training for young people. For all citizens, it offers training on family gardens with seed delivery, home composting, hydroponic cultivation, reduction and sustainable food consumption.

Good practices

Educational visits to the CIAT (Environmental and Technical Interpretation Centre)

  • In the waste classification plant there is a ‘green classroom’ designed to receive educational visits, where primary, secondary, tertiary and university students attend guided tours on the operation of the recycling plant. 

The Tafi Viejo Archaeological Interpretation Centre

  • The centre has a laboratory, library and programmes that enable students to closely observe archaeological activities and carry out excavation simulations.

Tumay Fi: Knowledge and Senses of Tafi Viejo Tour 

  • Tumay Fi is a participatory audio exhibition of science and art that interconnects different strategic spaces of the city. In each space there are samples of different knowledge, including sports, history, biology, physics, sociology, law, technology, among others. 

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