Annual Report 2005: UNESCO institute for Education

  • December 2005

It is now foreseeable that 2005 was the last full year in which the UNESCO Institute for Education operated under its legal form as a German foundation. The 33rd General Conference of UNESCO has removed the last hurdle for the transformation of the Institute into a full-fledged international body. The decision to change the statutes of the Institute had been taken already in 2003 by the UNESCO Executive Board following a recommendation by the Director-General. The change will now be carried out in early 2006. In 2005 UIE made a big step forward towards being a more integral part of UNESCO. UIE actively participated in all reform task forces and implemented fully all decisions pertaining to Education Institutes. In the course of the current reform of the UNESCO Education Sector, all Education Institutes are being evaluated in order to improve their programmes and to optimize the cooperation between the Institutes and the Sector. UIE’s evaluation was finalized only a few weeks ago. It was a fruitful exercise for the Institute and will facilitate the transformation process we are going through. We are grateful to the UNESCO Internal Oversight Service and the external evaluation team that provided the Institute with a mirror and a set of constructive recommendations to improve its work, input and visibility within the UNESCO family and so to serve better its strategic objectives and Member States.

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  • Annual Report 2005: UNESCO institute for Education
  • UIE - 2005
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