Gender, innovation and education in Latin America

  • June 1999

This publication of this book on women’s non-formal education in Latin America arises from a series of activities jointly organized by the UNESCO Institute for Education (UIE) in Hamburg and the German Foundation for International Development (DSE) focusing on innovative education processes. A three-year research programme analysed a range of non-formal adult education programmes in countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Vase studies enabled the analysis of specific themes, such as the role of pedagogy, gender, the relations between groups and institutions, and the way in which educational projects respond to the specific needs of groups of people in particular contexts.  This book focuses on the outcomes of one of the seminars which was held in Melgar, Colombia, on innovation, gender and pedagogy in Latin America in the context of women’s non-formal education in the region. It is a synthesis of an earlier seminar report produced in Spanish, and contains a selection of some of the most significant contributions and case studies presented.

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  • Author/Editor: Jung; Ingrid; King; Linda
  • Gender, innovation and education in Latin America
  • UIE, 1999
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  • Available in: English