N’Zérékoré, Guinea

  • City population: 
  • City/Urban area: 
  • Population Density: 
    More than 500 inhabitants per km²
  • GDP – city: 
    Less than USD 10,000
  • GDP - country: 
    USD 531
  • Average number of years of schooling: 

Becoming a Learning City for harmonious and sustainable development

N’Zérékoré is a cosmopolitan city, uniting many different professions (e.g. agriculture, commerce, handicrafts, and medium-sized and small businesses) and religions (Islam, Christianity and Jehovah’s Witnesses).

Vision and motivation

N’Zérékoré has adopted the Learning City concept as a means of pursuing relevant activities that will foster harmonious development. A Learning City needs to consider all aspects of its development, such as its infrastructure, public transport system, high-quality real estate, drinking water supply, electricity grid, etc.

Challenges and goals

N’Zérékoré faces significant challenges related to education: a low literacy rate among its population; overcrowded classrooms; a lack of teachers; and public health issues such as pollution, insalubrious living conditions and periodic sewer overflows.

Plan and implementation

N’Zérékoré has launched a comprehensive action plan to achieve its medium and long-term objectives. First, it has established targets designed to increase the literacy rate among its inhabitants and improve education environments for young people. Functional literacy classes have also been created in collaboration with NGOs.

Second, the municipality has introduced a broad range of measures to improve public health, including regular awareness-raising sessions that are open to the general public. Workshops led by local sanitation committees increase inhabitants’ awareness of hygiene, waste treatment and urban sanitation.

In the long term, N’Zérékoré aims to improve its transport infrastructure and increase the range of learning facilities available across the city.

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