How to involve stakeholders in building a learning city

Involving all stakeholders in the process of building a learning city is key to success. Individuals and organizations all bring something different to the table. Collectively, their know-how and resources will help to achieve learning cities’ vision to promote lifelong learning across the community. The video tutorial on ‘How to involve stakeholders in building a learning city’ will provide answers to the following questions:

  • Who to involve in the process?
  • How to get stakeholders on board?
  • How to create a coordinated structure involving all stakeholders?
  • How to keep stakeholders engaged?

Additionally, complementary videos, compiled and developed by members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, provide insights into real practice in cities.

Remember: Building a learning city is a collective and continuing journey. It requires a concrete action plan with strong political leadership and steadfast commitment; a structured dialogue and consensus involving all stakeholders; diverse celebratory events charged with enthusiasm and inspiration; easy accessibility and enjoyable experiences for all citizens; a proper monitoring and evaluation of progress; and sustainable and secure funding. You can find detailed instructions on these action tips in our Guidelines for Building Learning Cities and the complementary video tutorials.