Celebrate learning

How to celebrate learning

Celebrations foster a positive attitude towards learning and encourage people to take part. Holding regular events and festivals will also get more partners on board that offer new opportunities that will help maintain the public’s interest and enthusiasm for learning. Celebrating learning in a festival atmosphere brings the whole city to life and encourages people to discover the lifelong learning opportunities that are all around them.

The video tutorial on ‘How to celebrate learning’ will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What celebratory events can be organized?
  • How to organize a celebratory event?
  • How to get the message spread in your city?

In addition to that, complementary videos, compiled and developed by members of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, provide insights into real practice in cities.

Remember: Building a learning city is a collective and continuous journey. It requires a concrete action plan with strong political leadership and steadfast commitment; a structured dialogue and consensus involving all stakeholders; diverse celebratory events charged with enthusiasm and inspirations; easy accessibility and enjoyable experience to all citizens; a proper monitoring and evaluation of progress; and sustainable and secured funding. You can find detailed instructions of these action tips in our Guidelines for Building Learning Cities and the complementary video tutorials.