Uganda Community Libraries Association (UgCLA)

  • Founded:

The Uganda Community Libraries Association (UgCLA) is a networking organization for community libraries in Uganda. It was registered as a national NGO in 2007 and since then has been joined by over 100 member libraries, more than 20 of which were founded as a result of UgCLA’s existence and encouragement. Other libraries that were established before joining UgCLA have had their capacity increased as a result of their membership of the organization. UgCLA holds conferences and workshops for librarians, solicits and administers grants from donors, and places volunteers in libraries according to the volunteers’ interests and the libraries’ needs.

UgCLA’s mission is to complement the education system of Uganda and promote the development of productive literacy practices by encouraging and supporting the growth of community libraries. It aims to establish and maintain a network of such libraries throughout the country and cooperates for this purpose with other national organizations with similar interests, as well as with international organizations that are concerned with the promotion of literacy for development.


Library staff total: 
Parent organisation: 
Friends of African Village Libraries (FAVL)


Books and documents: 

Mostly donated books from Book Aid International, locally published books from Fountain Publishers and Moran Publishers.

Electronic documents: 

Some of our members have submitted their stories on the “African Storybook Project” website and produced various blog posts.

Periodicals p.a.: 

A number of bulletins and magazines.

Multimedia / Audiovisual Material: 

Cassette books, DVDs are shown on the weekends for some libraries.

Annual growth: 

At least 300 books annually for the majority of the libraries within the network.

Methods of Data Management

Cataloging Rules: 

Vary from library to library

Classification System: 

Vary from library to library

Indexing Tool: 

Vary from library to library

Database Software: 

Vary from library to library

Services and Special Activites

Information Services Provided: 

These are tailored depending on library resources and programs planned out with relevance to their set objectives and promoting literacy.

Publications Produced: 
  • The “LETS” book series; ( Let's look, let's play, let's eat, let's go);
  • The books published in Lugbara by URLCODA members;
  • Some members have submitted their stories on the “African Storybook Project” website, and produced various blog posts.
Special Activities: 

Special projects, celebration of various special days

Other Material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work: 
  • Inadequate funding and resources to cover for all participants interested in the activities;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Expansion to accommodate the additional resources/materials.
Strategies and Perspectives to Improve Services: 
  • More user need focused services.
  • Taking the information services to the people through outreach.
  • Incorporating life skills and basic ICT knowledge as the world is embracing the digital era.

Contact Information

Plot 50 Buganda Road

P.O.Box 4262

Kampala, Uganda

Tel.: +245705222354
+256 772470911
URL: uclia.org
Contact language: English

Contact Person

Ms. Musasizi Brenda Musoke

Head Person

Prof. Kate Parry

Type of parent organisation

International Organization
Nongovernmental Organisation

Area of specialization

Community development
Information and communication technologies
Life skills
Lifelong learning
Nonformal education

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