Uganda Rural Literacy and Community Development Association (URLCODA)

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The Uganda Rural Literacy and Community Development Association is a local non-governmental organization, which coordinates a network of 16 community libraries in the West Nile region of Uganda. Its ‘mother’ library is located in Lokotoro Village (Aroi sub-county, Arua district). It serves as a meeting place for members to access information, mostly related to the improvement of rural livelihoods, via books, videos, newspapers, magazines, etc., and to engage in a range of activities. It also runs intergenerational skills learning programmes for members. The working languages are English and Lugbarati, the local language of the Lugbara people.

Countries served: 
North-western region of Uganda
Library staff total: 
Parent organisation: 
Uganda Community Libraries Association


Books and documents: 

The community library has a collection of books donated by UgCLA, the US Mission in Uganda, locally produced books, primers from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, and books on religious issues.

Electronic documents: 

Not yet available

Periodicals p.a.: 

Some magazines are available

Multimedia / Audiovisual Material: 

Library video tapes and DVDs are shown to children during evening hours and weekends.

Annual growth: 

50 – 100 books are mostly received through UgCLA

Services and Special Activites

Information Services Provided: 

These are tailored depending on library resources and programs planned out with relevance to their set objectives, mostly by promoting literacy.

Publications Produced: 
  • Bill’s Journey to the unknown destination
  • Nelson and the crocodile
  • The proud catechist
  • The foolish parish chief
Special Activities: 

Children’s health reading camps, storytelling nights, elders book writing workshops, annual intergenerational cross-cultural and multilingual literacy conferences, women’s football, and village savings and credit scheme.

Other Material

Challenges and Obstacles in Carrying out the Work: 

The Library lacks funds and other resources needed to sustain the interest of members. The battery of the solar system has run down and needs to be replaced. Continued motivation for volunteers.

Strategies and Perspectives to Improve Services: 

URLCODA plans to attract more volunteers to guide users, conduct capacity building training for volunteer library coordinators/assistants, solicit funds to replace the solar batteries to help users, conduct ICT skills training and acquire more DVDs.

Role envisaged within the Network of Networks: 

Active membership and participation in ALADIN activities, including information sharing.

Contact Information

Lokotoro Village, Aroi Sub-county

P.O. Box 1000, Arua (Uganda)

Tel.: +256 774490969
+256 786521701
Contact language: English

Contact Person

Mr. Jasindo Afebua

Head Person

Mr. Willy Ngaka

Type of parent organisation

Nongovernmental Organisation

Area of specialization

Adult education
Basic education
Family education
Health education
Information and communication technologies
Life skills
Lifelong learning
Nonformal education
Popular education

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