Adult and Non-Formal Education Unit (ANFEU), Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education

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The Non-formal Education Unit within the Directorate of Basic and Secondary Education, (Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education) is responsible for the overall coordination of the management and administration of Non-formal education programmes in The Gambia and provides technical advice to the Director of Basic and Secondary Education. It is also responsible of promoting a participatory approach to Non-Formal Education (NFE) service delivery through Public Private-sector Partnership.

Policy Issues

The issues highlighted in PRSP II and National Education Policy (2004 – 2015) and the education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP, 2006 – 2015), which will be the basis for future research work, forms the framework for elaboration of the Adult and Non-Formal Education (ANFE) Policy. This includes the following priority themes: Quality and relevance Partnership and collaboration Resource mobilisation and financing Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Institutional and Human Resource Recognition Validation and Certification Linking NFE and Formal system Sensitization and advocacy

Policy Outcomes

Baseline Survey-cum need Assessment Report for Capacity Building for Functional literacy of Children in Difficult Circumstances (FLCDC), The Gambia, October 2004 The Development and State of the Art of Adult Learning and Education, national Report of the Gambia, in preparation of CONFINTEA VI. April 2008

International Activities

Literacy Initiative For empowerment West African Policy Analysis Project in collaboration with the sub-regional REFLECT Network (Pamoja West Africa) in the making UIL Research Project_ Linking Recognition practices to Qualification Frameworks. North-South collaboration Research

Contact Information

THE GAMBIA, Regional Education Office Complex Region I,, Kanifing Municipality, Greater Banjul Area
Tel.: +220 422 4180
Contact language: English

Contact Person

Kebba F.M. Nyangado
Tel.: +220 994 4333 +220 795 4333
Fax: +220 422 4180

Head Person

Mrs. Saffiatou Savage-Sidibeh
Tel.: +220 993 3857
Fax: +220 422 4180

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