National Institute for Lifelong Education (NILE)

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Lifelong Education Survey Drafting the National Lifelong Education Master Plan Lifelong Education Program Development Training Lifelong Education Professionals Establishing Networks among Lifelong Education Organizations Supporting Provincial Lifelong Education Institutes Operating a Comprehensive Lifelong Education Information System Projects on Acknowledging Academic Credit and Conferring Degree regarding Act on Recognition of Credits, etc and Act on the Acquisition of Academic Degree through Self-Education Operating Lifelong Learning Account

Policy Issues

Research of the Adult Literacy Education Support Project Academic Credit Bank System Lifelong Learning Account Project Lifelong Learning City Project Lifelong Education University Project

Policy Outcomes

National Report on the Development and State of Art of Adult Learning and Education in the Republic of Korea – in English(2008) Interpretation Material for Revised Lifelong Education Act – in Korean(2008) Research on Implement for Lifelong Learning Account System – in Korean(2008) Research on the Revision of Regional Center for Lifelong Learning Supporting System – in Korean(2008)

International Activities

Hosted CONFINTEA VI Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Conference (2008) Attending EAFAE (East Asia Forum of Adult Education) annually Attending ASEM LLL Conference

Contact Information

REPUBLIC OF KOREA, 14-34, Yeoido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul
Tel.: +82 237 809 700
Fax.: +82 220 703 142
Contact language: Korean

Contact Person

Ilseon Choi
Tel.: +82 237 809 716
Fax: +82 220 703 142

Head Person

In-Joo Park
Tel.: +82 237 809 800
Fax: +82 220 703 178


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