UIL Learning Hub launched


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16 May 2023
Building capacities to make lifelong learning a reality for all!

Today, the UNESCO Institute of Lifelong Learning (UIL) launched the UIL Learning Hub, a one-stop online multimedia portal for policy development support, capacity development and knowledge sharing on lifelong learning. 

The Learning Hub promotes quality provision of learning opportunities throughout life. Its training resources cover thematic areas such as planning for lifelong learning, green skills, digital skills, family learning, and monitoring and assessment of lifelong learning. The Learning Hub features resources on building learning cities, managing community learning centres and strengthening libraries for lifelong learning. It supports training through self-learning and instructor-led courses, virtual workshops, and communities of practice. 

Through the Learning Hub, UIL supports UNESCO Member States and all interested stakeholders in making lifelong learning a reality across the globe! All stakeholders are invited to use these resources and collaborate with UIL to provide everyone with a chance to learn throughout life. 

Current courses 

  • Digital Competencies for Literacy Educators 

  • Implementing Open and Distance Learning for Youth and Adult Literacy 

  • Strengthening Education Systems from a Lifelong Learning Perspective  

  • Alternative and Nonformal Education in Education Sector Plans 

Upcoming courses 

  • Fun with Family Learning 

  • e-Pass: An Everyday Practices and Skills Survey for assessing youth and adult literacy skills  

  • Skillsets in Transit: Recognizing prior learning for migrants and refugees 

  • Planning a Family and Intergenerational Literacy and Learning (FILL) Programme 


Sign up to discover the UIL Learning Hub https://learninghub.uil.unesco.org/


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