Upcoming cooperation with the University of Würzburg


30 June 2018

Twelve Professors from four European universities gathered at UIL on 20 June 2018 for a discussion on joint activities with the Comparative Studies on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning (COMPALL) Programme, which is coordinated by the university of Würzburg, Germany.

UIL recently started exploring possibilities for cooperation to share UNESCO’s expertise through online and e-learning formats. One potential cooperation partner is the University of Würzburg with its COMPALL Programme. The Programme provides online courses on European Policies in Adult and Lifelong Learning and Comparative Adult Education. The programme’s online lectures are accessible to Masters and PhD students from around the world and are accompanied by lectures requiring physical attendance.

During the meeting, various opportunities for mutual support between UIL and the COMPALL Programme were elaborated. Potential contributions include guest lectures by UIL experts during the second week of the Winter School in Würzburg; internship opportunities for COMPALL students at UIL; and joint activities on e-learning courses given the University’s extensive experience with hosting online courses. In autumn 2018, UIL will launch its own online course on ‘Mainstreaming Adult/NFE into Education Sector Plans (ESPs)’, which is designed for policy-makers. Selected components on topic such as ‘Key concepts and processes for Adult Learning and Education (ALE) and lifelong learning (LLL)’ and  ‘Adult Learning and Education (ALE) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ will be adjusted to serve learning needs of students such as the participants of COMPALL.

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